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Home But Not Alone Pet Care

Home But Not Alone Pet Care provides comprehensive and loving care while fulfilling all of the unique needs of your furry and feathered kids. If your senior dog needs to be spoon-fed, or your loving kitty needs insulin injections, we provide these things at no extra charge. We exceed all expectations of great service and have a track record of outstanding reliability, flexibility, and availability.

We provide daily visits as many as you like if you are going on a trip. If you work long hours, why not hire us to walk your dog to break up his/her day. If you’re lucky, you’re on the golf course or a sailboat on the Bay, and need some dog sitting visits!

We understand that when you hand your keys over to us, you’re entrusting us with your home, valuables and most importantly, your pets. We don’t take this enormous responsibility lightly and we won’t let you down. We put 100% into each and every visit. We welcome and appreciate your business.